Pelatihan SAP KTAC400 Programming in Finance

Pelatihan SAP KTAC400 Programming in Finance

SAP Training Level 3

Disarankan sudah mengambil (tidak wajib):
KTFC010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting
KTFC040 Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling)
KTAB400 ABAP Workbench

– Members of financial accounting departments or system administrators
who deal with tasks that cover a range of subjects
– Consultants
– Students

– Three Sessions (1 session / week).

This course will prepare you to:
– Perform technical programming-related tasks for the Accounting
departments, above all to
– analyze existing programs
– create your own programs and reports

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

– Use the development tools of the ABAP Workbench
– Analyze and debug Accounting programs
– Create function modules
– Enable database access
– Implement your own ALV reports
– Define authorization checks
– Develop and incorporate extractors

Cost: Rp.500rb Including IDES access.


Time is TBD (to be determined).

Max students: 50.

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