Pelatihan SAP ABAP KTAB402

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Course Goals
* In-depth knowledge of the ABAP programming language to be able to write more robust programs
* The ability to assess ABAP programming techniques according to performance aspects and develop high-performance
* Acquire the necessary knowledge to develop dynamic ABAP programs

* 4 Sessions (1 session / week)
Please see our calendar for the date

Target Audience
* Developer
* Project team members
* Consultants
* Anyone who want to be expert and specialist in ABAP

* KTAB400 ABAP Workbench Foundations (Mandatory)
* KTAB430 ABAP Dictionary (Optional/recommended)

* programming experience in Computer Programming Software Component(s) and Release(s)
* SAP NW 2004S

Course Content
* ABAP runtime environment
* ABAP types and data objects
* Analysis tools for programs
* Work with internal tables
* Program modularization with function modules
* Performance of complex Open SQL statements
* Dynamic programming with field symbols and references
* Runtime type information, runtime type creation
* Program calls and memory management
* Introduction to ABAP objects

Rp 300 ribu (Indonesian Residence)
$ 150 (Indonesian live abroad)

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